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and Closer to where
students live.

Facilitate students in mastering
essential skills for success
in school and life.

Our Story

After college, we all went to Chennai looking for a job in our relevant field. We faced many hardships during the early days like we had no clue about where to start, what to do next and how to get a job. It made us realize what we missed to learn during our school and college days. We had to keep ourselves updated with current technology to land in our dream jobs. Even after getting the so called dream job we had a feeling that we were lacking behind and not competitive enough. Such insecurities made us to put lot of hard work to keep us ahead.

After a while, we came up with this idea of starting a school to provide a better education and also help the children to gain wisdom through hands-on experiences. We decided the best place to start this journey should be from our beloved hometown, Orathanadu. Hence we started Big Temple International School in Orathanadu specialized in providing quality education to all the children from surrounding towns. We are working tirelessly and continuously to provide a better education to every single child.


Sudhakar Subashchandrabose
Saravanakumar Natarajan
Elamaran Natarajan
Physical Therapist
Karthik Ravanan